The MFD approach is to respond to the challenges operators face when investing, setting up and ramping up their economic activity.

Our aim is to take away the uncertainties and allow our customers to focus on their core business. We take away the logistics challenges in your Supply Chain using our unique infrastructure, experience, and our unwavering commitment to improving your operating costs.

The result: Efficiency and Better Margins… That’s our commitment!

Dry & Cold Warehousing

MFD  is equipped with  state-of-the-art warehouses , complying with stringent operational, environmental and security norms. We offer  the most efficient environment for logistics operations for both dry and frozen products and for air and marine cargoes.

Everyday, MFD’s experienced teams ensure  best in class operations, stock management, order preparation and distribution for a wide variety of products to Freeport and local companies with a  seamless integration with our clients’ stock management systems.

  • Dry warehousing facilities: 88,850m² of warehouses designed to cater for palletized or bulk storage.
  • Cold warehousing facilities: 20,350m² of cold storage with a total warehousing capacity of 104,000m³ which can accommodate all types of frozen goods, at controlled temperatures ranging from -40ºC to +15ºC.
Dry and Cold Warehousing

Seafood Hub

MFD has developed an integrated logistics platform to cater for all the needs of the fishing industry. With a private quay, seafood operators benefit from a full range of services including transhipment of fish unloaded from fishing and carrier vessels calling at Port Louis. MFD offers stevedoring, handling, sorting, grading, weighing, packing, labelling and storage of  the catch, processed products and baits.

MFD also offers processing facilities ideally suited for the transformation and value-adding of seafood products. All logistics services are in accordance with EU standards and are aligned on HACCP norms, with the cold chain being strictly respected.

Ancillary Seafood-related Services

Mauritius has world-class companies providing the following services at competitive rates:

  • Dry dock facilities for shipbuilding, repairs and engineering services
  • Bunkering and water supply ex quay
  • Ship Chandling
  • Net repair yard for purse seine vessels
  • Ship Agency
  • Crew Management
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Reefer container plug-in points
  • Health Certification Services

The Mauritian Authorities offer a One-stop shop for the Seafood Industry. This facility  includes all Government agencies, located within the Port area. The office is responsible for the prompt delivery of documentation and clearances to fishing vessels, ensuring that the time spent in Port is kept to a strict minimum.

Ancillary-seafood 2022
Transport and distribution

Transport and Distribution

Competitive and efficient transportation is one of the key services offered by MFD and, over the years, we have customised our services and equipment to suit the demands of the market.

Substantial and sustained investment in resources and equipment mean that today MFD is capable of handling volumes in excess of 8,500 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units) per month.

MFD offers a wide variety of transportation services, including container trucks, tippers, crane-trucks, side loaders, distribution vans as well as bonded vehicles serving the airport on a daily basis.

The experience gathered enables MFD to address and overcome the challenges faced by its clients.

Industrial Warehouses

An Ideal Location for Processing

MFD provides 13,800m² of industrial warehouses to investors for manufacturing, and other value-added industrial transformation of goods in optimal safety and security conditions.

Located within the MFD site, operators will benefit from existing industrial warehouses as well as a wide range of logistics services – covering the entire supply chain from raw materials to finished products and including warehousing, customs brokering and transport.

Industrial Warehouses 2022

Container Park and Depot

Major shipping lines use the MFD Container Park for the storage and management of their containers within an enclosed and secured perimeter.

The MFD depot can accommodate more than 7,000 TEUs and is equipped with 96 reefer points.

MFD offers its container depot customers a complete range of services, including Cleaning, Maintenance, Pre-trip Inspections, Repairs, Upgrades and Lining.

Office Rental Space

The MFD Business Centre is based on the “Plug & Work” concept.  Ready-to-use offices as well as meeting rooms are available for lease in an air-conditioned, concrete, two-storey 5,000m² building. These offices are fully-equipped with reception services and comprehensive telecommunication facilities – high-speed internet, IP phones, fax,

Office Rental 2022
Freight-and-Supply-Chain-Management 2022

Freight & Supply Chain Management

As a first-class provider of logistics services, MFD offers a complete door to door service, managing the operational flow of inbound and outbound sea and air cargo.

MFD provides tailor-made, competitive logistics services, and centralized management of   operational flows through its pivotal platforms at the port and airport thus achieving optimum economies of scale.

Customs House Brokerage

MFD has direct access to the Customs Authorities and ensures that all relevant documentation is managed, and the flow of imports and exports is constantly monitored.  Years of experience handling trade documentation for a wide variety of goods  –  from raw materials through to manufactured goods  give  a clear advantage to our clients.

MFD also provides advisory  services to its clients  for permit applications,  for all  controlled goods.

Customs House Brokerage