MFD takes cognizance of the risks posed when collecting and using personal data of individuals. In connection to this, MFD has implemented a Data Protection Policy which affords a shield of protection to all the personal data collected, stored, and processed by the Company. The legal provisions governing personal data within the jurisdiction of Mauritius are as per the Data Protection Act 2017. Since the nature of business of MFD extends to international jurisdictions, MFD ensures compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

MFD collects, retains, and processes your personal data in accordance and in compliance with legal requirements. When you enter into a service contract with MFD, your personal data shall be used only for the purpose of this contract and shall not be further processed or disclosed without obtaining your express consent. Your personal data may be shared with third parties where it is required in order to fulfil the requirements of the service contract. MFD shall ensure that its employees, service providers, contractors, partners and other third parties conform to the requirements of the above Data Protection Laws. The Company shall allow you with reasonable access to such information as is necessary to ensure that it is complying with the above laws. For further inquiry, you may contact the MFD Data Protection Officer on