Food & Distribution

MFD’s infrastructure, expertise and information technology systems, which can be integrated with the clients’ systems, ensure optimum service solutions to the retail industry, allowing operators to concentrate their resources on marketing their products. « No more fixed costs, no more hidden costs. Thanks to our knowledge and experience of logistics, we provide the necessary support to the local and regional expansion of the retail industry. Every month, our teams handle the equivalent of 4,500 palettes, in our cold and dry warehouses, which means that we handle and manage more than 35,000 MT of FMCG stocks per year ».


In a sector typified by reactivity, flexibility and strict norms, MFD ensures to manage smoothly the supply chain of major B to B and B to C customers. “Our aim is to sustain our growth in this important business sector by continuing to refine our infrastructure and service portfolio”. MFD offers a wide range of services, including temperature-controlled warehousing facilities, continuous stock control, order preparation and fast despatching, ensuring that pharmaceutical companies enjoy the first-mover advantage.


“From small assembly to cosmetics or foodstuff and other FMCG, MFD provides its industrial clients with a ‘total package service’, hence perftly integrating outsourced logistics to the customer’s production chain”.

Project Logistic

With its extensive storage facilities, in-house customs brokerage service and fleet of lorries and delivery vans, MFD becomes your sole point of contact, enhancing the chances of success of your project be it in real estate development or major event management . Dedicated teams will take complete charge of your logistics chain right from the management of your freight, your stocks as well as advice on onsite storage.“MFD’s dedicated and tailor-made services ensure total transparency and ease of supply throughout the logistics chain. Our services also include the installation of equipment, furniture and accessories on site”. MFD has a proven track record in hotel renovation and major commercial centre projects.

Bulk Logistic

MFD supplies a wide range of logistics services – including stevedoring, carting, warehousing, bagging and containerization. To ensure that bulk materials are handled effectively, MFD is able to develop, together with the client, tailor-made services using specialised equipment. “With more than 80,000 m² of modern facilities, coupled with a recognised expertise in handling flour, maize, fertilizers and fish, MFD is up to the challenge”.


“MFD aims to provide cost-effective solutions to what is considered a fixed cost generating process in the textile industry, this from the end of the production lines to shipment”. MFD takes away this process by offering a sorting, packing and labelling service coupled with an efficient stock management and pre-shipment service.

Container Park services

Since its inception, MFD has offered its container park facilities and services to all shipping lines calling Mauritius. Given the vast experience in the handling tanktainer, dry, reefer as well as other specialized equipment, MFD plays a central role in the maritime sector. « Equipped with best in class infrastructure and IT systems, we handle over 36,000 containers per year. Our teams carry out daily operations such as washing, repairs, paper lining, upgrading, general maintenance and pre-trip inspection. We are able to evacuate more than500 containers a day. »

Seafood Hub

MFD has developed and built dedicated infrastructure along with specialised services which meet the demands of the fishing industry. “Designed to European (EU) standards our infrastructure enables us to handle more than 85,000 Mt of seafood per year – unloading, sorting, stocking at -20 °C or -40 °C, and forwarding to local factories or international distribution networks.”

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