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Seafood Hub

MFD has developed an integrated logistics platform to cater for all the needs of the fishing industry. With a private fishing quay, seafood operators benefit from a full range of services including transhipment of fish unloaded from fishing vessels calling at Port Louis, handling, sorting, grading, weighing, packing, labelling and storage of  the catch, processed products and baits.


MFD also offers processing facilities ideally suited for the transformation and value-adding of seafood products. All logistics services are in accordance with EU standards and are aligned on HACCP norms, with the cold chain being strictly respected.

Ancillary Seafood-related Services

Mauritius has world-class companies providing the following services at competitive rates:

Dry dock facilities for shipbuilding, repairs and engineering services
Bunkering and water supply ex quay
Ship Chandling
Net repair yard for purse seine vessels
Ship Agency
Crew Management
Freight Forwarding
Reefer container plug-in points
Health Certification Services


One-stop shop for the Seafood Industry

With full Government support, the seafood industry has a dedicated one-stop-shop office, which includes all Government agencies, located within the Port area. The office is responsible for the prompt delivery of documentation and clearances to fishing vessels, ensuring that the time spent in Port is kept to a strict minimum.


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