Freeport Incentives

Business in Mauritius

Mauritius is internationally recognized for its political and social stability, continuity of government and rule of law.


The country  has developed a reliable, efficient and  ever expanding infrastructure, coming up to the best available in developed countries.

Mauritius also benefits from a bilingual workforce, indeed French and English are used every day in the business world.


You will find more information on the Board of Investment website


Ideally located in the Indian Ocean, off the south-east coast of Africa, Mauritius has emerged as a natural business hub for international trade.

The Freeport legislation provides for a comprehensive package of liberal incentives for companies looking for a cost-effective storage, assembly and redistribution platform.

Freeport companies in Mauritius benefit from many advantages:


    • Efficient customs clearing process
    • Duty free and VAT free goods and equipment
    • Exemption from Corporate Tax
    • 100% foreign ownership is possible
    • Free repatriation of profits
    • No foreign exchange control
    • 50% of reduction on port handling charges
    • 50% of turnover can be realized from local market sales
    • Access to offshore banking facilities

Regional Trade Agreements & International Cooperation

Mauritius Freeport Development   Mauritius Freeport Development   Mauritius Freeport Development

  • COMESA: 20 member states - Free Trade Area (website)

  • SADC: 13 member states - preferential access to a scheduled list of products (website)


  • ACP: Cotonou agreement for preferential access to EU market

  • AGOA: duty free and quota free access to US market

  • Indian Ocean Commission (IOC): 5 member states


  • Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation (IOR-ARC) - founding member


The African countries have joined forces into common markets in order to strengthen their commercial power. The trade organizations representative of the African countries include COMESA (Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa), and SADC (Southern African Development Community). Africa is in a process of motivating commercial infrastructures to match those in place in the rest of the world. Indeed world exchanges are no longer made from country to country, but from economic block to economic block, resulting in a Worldwide Free Trade Zone.


Well established sea & air connections

Port Louis stands out as a reliable, efficient and business friendly port which provides maritime pilots, tugboats, outer anchorage and emergency services all year round, on a 24-hour basis. Coupled with the Freeport facilities adjacent to the container terminal, the port consists of 2.6 kms of deep water quays, post panamax gantry cranes and a container park of over 30 hectares. Our value added port provides a variety of services including cargo handling, bunkering through pipes and barges, ship supplies, ship  repairs, fish landing operations, pilotage, towage, round-the-clock security and fire fighting services.

Port Louis is well served by major shipping lines such as:

Maersk Line / Safmarine
Mediterranean Shipping Corporation MSC-
Pacific International Line (PIL)
Mauritius Shipping Corporation
Hoegh Autoliner

Our international airport accommodates over 40 international flights per day, connecting Mauritius to the major business centres in the world.